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Frequently Asked Questions

My son lives within PISD but attends a private school. Can he play for Plano West Lacrosse?

Players who reside within the Plano West Feeder School District (PISD) but attend a school (public or private) without a lacrosse program are eligible to play for Plano West based on THSLL (Texas High School Lacrosse League) & DFWYLL (Dallas Fort Worth Youth Lacrosse League) rules.

If you are unsure of your player's eligibility please contact, for clarification before registration.

Please review the DFWYLL rules for youth and THSLL rules for High School.

Plano West Helmet Policy

All Youth and High School players (grades 5-12) beginning Fall 2015 are required to have a matte gray helmet. This rule does not currently apply to Bantam players. If you will be purchasing a new helmet for your Bantam player we strongly suggest a matte grey helmet.

Official Helmet Policy:
As has always been the case at the high school level, youth players (grades 5 - 8) have historically been expected to practice and play games wearing a grey helmet . While this has never been an issue in the past, the proliferation of youth lacrosse travel teams requiring their own uniforms, including helmets, has the led the Plano West's Lacrosse Board of Directors to adopt a formal policy requiring that all youth players wear their grey helmets at Plano West youth lacrosse practices and games. The Board believes this is important in promoting team unity and Plano West lacrosse. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact one of our youth directors.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Player fees are refundable up until the time that teams are chosen or two weeks after the season begins whichever comes first. After that time, no refunds will be issued. Each refund request will be issued less any out of pocket expenses, credit card processing fees, uniform costs incurred etc..

To cancel a player's registration, please use our billing contact form to expedite your request. List your player's name and reason for cancelation on your refund/cancellation request.

What is required to register my Bantam and Youth player?

All Bantam players must complete the following three steps. Players will not be allowed to start practice until all forms have been received by the club.

  1. Become a member of US Lacrosse. Go on-line to and complete the registration. With your membership in US Lacrosse you will receive the US Lacrosse magazine and will have coverage under their insurance program. This is a 1-year membership fee. During registration you will be asked for your US Lacrosse number.
  2. Register with DFWYLL (Dallas Forth Worth Youth Lacrosse League)*.
  3. Register online with Plano West Lacrosse.
  4. You will receive notification by email about the season, schedule and your team. Please make sure is added to your email address book. If you have not received any emails please check this website for the latest, most up to date information.